Asian Spice - Menu

Tandoori Chicken (quarter)

Chicken quarter marinated in mild spices with yoghurt & cooked in the Tandoor   £3.95


Chicken Tikka   £3.95


Duck Tikka   £4.25


Chicken Chat

Chicken Tikka cooked with a variety of exotic herbs & spices, served on crispy fried bread   £3.95


Aloo Chat

Diced potatoes cooked with a variety of exotic herbs & spices   £3.75


Tandoori Lamb Tikka

Pieces of lamb marinated in mild spices with yoghurt, skewered & cooked in the Tandoori   £3.95


Sheek Kebab

Minced lamb cooked with herbs & spices   £3.95


Shami Kebab

Minced lamb cooked with herbs & spices   £3.95


Reshmi Kebab   £3.95


Samosa (meat or vegetable)

Triangular pastry stuffed with spices, minced meat or vegetables   £3.75


Onion Bhaji

Lightly spicy fried onion balls   £3.75


King Prawn Butterfly

Marinated in mint and fried with breadcrumbs   £4.95


Boona Prawn Puree

Lightly spiced prawns   £3.95


Prawn Cocktail

Lettuce topped with prawns and a cocktail sauce   £3.75


Aliza Chicken

Deep fried chicken pieces in chick pea flour   £3.95


Chicken Gulbahar

Chicken cooked in mayonnaise and mild seafood sauce   £4.10


Mixed Kebab   £5.15


Vegetable Pakora   £2.95


King Prawn Puree   £4.95

These dishes are marinated in herbs and spices with yoghurt and cooked on skewers over charcoal. Served with salad.


Tandoori Half Chicken (on the bone)

Half   £7.15


Tandoori Chicken Tikka   £7.15


Tandoori Lamb Tikka    £7.20


Chicken Shashlick

Cooked with tomatoes, onions and green peppers    £7.95


Lamb Shashlick  £7.95


Tandoori King Prawn  £11.95


Tandoori Mixed Grill

Mixture of tandoori dishes   £8.95

These dishes are especially creamy flavoured




Butter Chicken

Cooked with butter   £7.95


Chicken Tikka Massala    £7.95


Chicken Chilli Massala

Cooked with green chillies   £7.75


Lamb Tikka Massala   £8.10


Lamb Chilli Tikka Massala

Cooked with green chillies    £8.15


Tandoori King Prawn Massala   £11.95


Vegetable Massala   £6.95




Supercurry Dishes

Chef's Specialities

Chicken Nargis

Cokked with goram masala with yoghurt    £7.95


King Prawn Delight    £11.95


Akbori Ghosth or Chicken

Cooked with sultanas and almonds in a yoghurt sauce    £7.95


King Prawn Kananza

Cooked in a spicy hot sauce with coconut green chillies and ginger    £12.95


Garlic Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Cooked with onions, green pepper, herbs and spices    £8.10


Garlic Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala

Chicken or lamb cooked with garlic in a special massala sauce with almond, coconut and fresh cream   £8.10

Dupiaza Dishes

A method of preparation, specially cooked with fried spices and onions, producing a mild to medium taste.


Chicken Dupiaza   £6.65


Chicken Tikka Dupiaza    £7.10


Meat Dupiaza    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Dupiaza   £7.75


Duck Tikka Dupiaza   £8.75


Prawn Dupiaza    £7.50


King Prawn Dupiaza    £11.95


Vegetable Dupiaza   £5.95

Pasanda Dishes

Cooked with red wine in a creamy sauce


Chicken Tikka Pasanda    £7.95


Lamb Tikka Pasanda    £8.05


Tandoori King Prawn Pasanda

Vegetable Pasanda   £11.95


Vegetable Pasanda    £5.95

Khorai Dishes

This method of cooking boneless pieces of meat or fish in a 'wok' with chopped tomatoes, capsicums, shredded ginger with mild spices.


Chicken or Meat Khorai    £7.10


King Prawn Khorai   £11.95


Prawn Khorai    £7.50


Duck Tikka Khorai   £8.95


Chicken or Lamb Tikka Khorai

Vegetable Khorai   £7.45


Vegetable Khorai    £6.10

Jalfrezi Dishes

Freshly ground spices with onions and green chillies, a method to bring out the

most delicious taste with a completely extra special flavour.


Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi   £7.50


Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi    £7.60


Duck Tikka Jalfrezi    £8.95


Prawn Jalfrezi    £7.75


King Prawn Jalfrezi    £11.95


Vegetable Jalfrezi    £6.95

Korma Dishes

A delicate preparation of cream and spices producing a very mild but rich creamy texture. A flavour palatable to every kind of constitution.



Chicken Korma    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Korma    £7.10


Meat Korma    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Korma    £7.10


Prawn Korma    £7.75


King Prawn Korma    £9.50


Chicken Malaya

Cooked with pineapple    £7.10


Chicken Kashmir

Cooked with banana    £6.10

Bhoona Dishes

A thoroughly garnished dish with onion and tomato and a few selected spices.

Extensively treated to provide a medium strength.


Chicken Bhoona    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Bhoona    £7.10


Meat Bhoona    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Bhoona    £7.50


Duck Tikka Bhoona    £8.95


Keema Bhoona    £7.50


Prawn Bhoona    £7.75


King Prawn Bhoona    £11.95


Vegetable Bhoona    £5.95

Rogan Dishes

Here the characteristics of the dish is derived from the use of tomatoes, pimento and onion, fried in a special ghee, which produces a hot flavour.


Chicken Rogan  £6.95


Chicken Tikka Rogan    £7.10


Meat Rogan    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Rogan   £7.15


Duck Tikka Rogan   £8.95


Prawn Rogan    £7.75


King Prawn Rogan    £11.95


Vegetable Rogan    £6.10

Dansak Dishes

The method of cooking meat with yellow lentils in hot and spicy sauce.


Chicken Dansak   £6.65


Chicken Tikka Dansak    £7.10


Meat Dansak    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Dansak    £7.75


Duck Tikka Dansak   £8.95


Prawn Dansak    £7.50


King Prawn Dansak   £11.95


Vegetable Dansak    £6.10

Vindaloo Dishes

Another most popular dish, fabulously rich and very hot taste, only suitable for people with a strong constitution.


Chicken Vindaloo    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Vindaloo    £7.50


Meat Vindaloo    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Vindaloo    £7.75


Duck Tikka Vindaloo   £8.95


Prawn Vindaloo    £6.25


King Prawn Vindaloo   £10.95


Vegetable Vindaloo   £6.10

Sag Dishes

Spinach cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onion, a taste of medium flavour .


Chicken Sag    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Sag   £7.10


Meat Sag    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Sag    £7.75


Duck Tikka Sag   £8.95


Prawn Sag    £7.50


King Prawn Sag    £11.95


Vegetable Sag    £6.10

Madras Dishes

A southern most popular dish, fabulously hot and very hot taste, only suitable for people with a strong constitution.


Chicken Madras    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Madras   £7.10


Meat Madras    £7.05


Lamb Tikka Madras    £7.75


Keema Madras   £7.50


Duck Tikka Madras   £8.95


Prawn Madras    £7.50


King Prawn Madras    £10.75


Vegetable Madras    £6.10

Balti Dishes

Balti dishes are made with fresh ingredients and medium spiced homemade sauce with tomatoes, onions and capsicums.


Vegetable Balti    £6.10


Chicken Balti    £6.95


Lamb Balti    £7.05


Prawn Balti    £7.75


King Prawn Balti    £11.95


Chicken Tikka Balti    £8.95


Lamb Tikka Balti    £9.95


Duck Tikka Balti   £9.95

Curry Dishes

A sauce of medium consistency produced from a wide, basic range of oriental sauces.



Chicken Curry    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Curry    £7.05


Meat Curry    £7.10


Lamb Tikka Curry    £7.50


Duck Tikka Curry   £8.95


Keema Curry    £7.50


Prawn Curry    £7.50


King Prawn Curry    £11.95


Vegetable Curry    £6.10

Pathia Dishes

This method of cooking boneless pieces of meat or fish in a hot spicy, sweet and sour sauce.


Chicken Pathia    £6.95


Chicken Tikka Pathia    £7.50


Meat Pathia    £7.10


Lamb Tikka Pathia    £7.75


Duck Tikka Pathia   £8.95


Prawn Pathia    £7.50


King Prawn Pathia    £11.95


Vegetable Pathia    £6.10

Biriani Dishes

Basmatic rice treated together with meat or chicken, fish or vegetables in a spiced ghee with almonds and sultanas, served with vegetable curry sauce which can be mild, medium or hot according to your taste.


Chicken Biriani    £8.25


Meat Biriani    £8.35


Prawn Biriani    £8.95


King Prawn Biriani    £11.95


Tandoori Chicken Biriani    £8.95


Vegetable Biriani    £6.10


Mughlai Chicken Biriani    £8.95

English Dishes

Chicken Omelette & Chips    £6.10


Mushroom Omelette & Chips    £5.95


Chicken Tikka & Chips   £6.95

Vegetable Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Curry

Assortment of fresh vegetables cooked in delicate spices   £3.75


Mixed Vegetable Dry

Cooked with onions and spices    £3.75


Mushroom Bhajee

Cooked with onions and delicate spices   £3.75


Garlic Mushroom    £3.75


Cauliflower Bhajee

Cooked with herbs and spices   £3.75


Bombay Potato

Cooked with onions and spices   £3.75


Aloo Gobi Bhajee

Potatoes and cauliflower    £3.75

Sag Aloo   £3.75


Bhindi Bhajee

Spiced okra cooked with onions   £3.75


Brinjal Bhajee

Spiced aubergines   £3.75


Channa Massala

Chick peas cooked with onions and spices   £3.75


Tarka Daal

Lentils spiced with garlic   £3.75


Onion Bhajee   £3.25


Vegetable Jalfrezi or Massala   £6.10


Vegetable Curry

Main    £6.10



Plain Rice   £2.50


Pilau Rice   £2.60


Egg Fried Rice   £3.50


Mushroom Fried Rice   £3.50


Special Pilau Rice   £3.50


Keema Pilau Rice   £3.95

Tandoori Breads

Nan   £2.50


Garlic Nan   £2.60


Keema Nan  (spiced mince)   £2.60


Peshwari Nan  (nuts & sultanas)    £2.60


Stuffed Nan   £2.60


Cheese Nan   £2.60


Chilli Nan   £2.75


Chicken Tikka Nan   £2.95


Sag Nan  £2.50


Garlic & Corriander Nan   £2.75


Sundries Dishes

Paratha   £2.60


Stuffed Paratha   £2.75


Puri   £1.50


Chapati   £1.95


Cucumber Riata   £1.95


Dahi   £1.45


Onion Riata   £1.95


Tandoori Roti   £2.50


Papadum   £0.60


Massala Papadum   £0.70


Green Salad   £1.85


Lime Pickle   £0.60


Mango Chutney   £0.60


Chips   £2.95


Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade   £2.95

(1.5 litre bottle)